• CMH from Among the Trees

A Whole New World of "Edges"

One of the things I learned during my Nature and Forest Therapy Guide training was to find, acknowledge and work with edges. Wow, that's simply stated. Makes it sound easy right?! Well, an edge is an edge because at it's very foundation it is something you find challenging. As I watch (and participate in) what is going on in the world, in the broad sense, in my local community and even in my own internal word, I find myself amid a whole new world of edges. In the moments when that does not cause a strong sense of fear (insert your favorite emotion) and I seek any kind of silver lining, I can see this as a unique opportunity - to find new ways to connect, to slow down, to focus on what we really value, to let go of some distractions.... It leaves me wondering what edges I will (continue to) find and what changes might occur as I work to smooth them. May we all work to smooth some of our new edges with a gentleness and compassion that we each deserve.

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