• CMH from Among the Trees

Let It Unfold - and this "it" is your backyard

It is common to be drawn to dramatic landscapes and public lands like national and state parks for recreation. At a time when many of those places are closed, states are under shelter in place orders, and people are being strongly urged to stay home, we still need to get outside - maybe more so than ever! Staying home should not be thought of as synonymous with staying inside. It's not about recreation, it is about being out in fresh air. We all have natural spaces, big and small, urban and wild, just outside our front or back door. How much time have you spent exploring your backyard? I would say that I have spent more time doing that (pre-covid-lock-down) than most, however, it's a place I will never exhaust, especially in the waking of spring. I challenge you to explore your own yard and neighborhood (if it is safe to do so). Simply find a spot to walk or to sit each day and give yourself permission to do nothing other than to just be and notice what is around you for a while. Put everything else down for 20 minutes (trust me, it will be right there for you to pick back up if you choose). Let the life, energy and magic of nature unfold and connect to it in your own way. The gifts of nature are always there, the question is with you give yourself room to notice them. You don't have to go far (or anywhere!) to take quite a journey.

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