• CMH from Among the Trees

Let Spring In

The sun warms the air, colors fill the landscape, shapes and shadows around every turn.... mother nature's way to beckon us outside to soak up the sun, explore and play.

Have you noticed that the sun seems brighter, the birds have returned, and flowers are in bloom?

We are not separate from the system of nature, we are part of it - the seasons effect us too. Major shifts happen for us with the change of the seasons. In Spring, we gain new life - physically and emotionally.

We have the chance to open up just like all the spring buds around us. Everything is fresh and clean and striving to grown towards the sun and transform its energy. Spend some time outside and experience it as if you have never seen it before - awaken your curiosity to explore it with your senses - a flower, a bird flying by, the breeze as it moves the clouds. Notice that life is everywhere and everything is doing something!

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