• CMH from Among the Trees

Rest - Pause - Idle


e are in a world of doing - constant motion, moving from one task to another. Truth is that we only have so much energy to expend and if we don't do things that feed ourselves, or as some say, re-charge our batteries, we will run out. And that applies at all level of the mind, body and spirit.

Rest is so important. The opportunity to pause. The space to idle in place. Sit. Be. Breathe.

One can rest in all kinds of ways, including the traditional way of sleeping at night (usually surrounded by the walls of a house). Nature offers a special space (that is always available) for a different kind of rest and reset for our whole being - as we breathe and be in the wide open space.

There is a sense of being away from everything that needs to be done, by design being disconnected from technology, and a sense of permission to be present... to stop and smell the flowers.

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