• CMH from Among the Trees

Singing and Blinking

There are some magical sights and sounds of the season as different creatures emerge this time of year from the soil.

Fireflies (Lightening Bugs - or more appropriately Fire Beetles) dance high and low across the night sky- blinking and lighting up in their own, seemingly secret, code. It's like the stars have fallen from the sky to be so close we can reach out and touch them. Since we don't speak firefly, it is easy to just marvel in their natural light show.

And this year, the cicadas have joined the summer party as Brood X has emerged. I have never seen so many cicadas in one place before but their coverage across the landscape is spotty. If you happen to be in an area of concentration, you will know by the sounds as they 'sing' together during the day. Some call them tiny "violins with wings" and each species has its own call. Like mother nature's white noise machine turned up to max volume, especially during the big emergence years. Rather than cuing to what they might droning out, consider turning into it and honor that they have been waiting 17 years to make some noise!

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