• CMH from Among the Trees

What Do the Trees Have to Say?

The trees have lots to say and they are always offering it. Research demonstrates what we know - that trees communicate with each other, in all kinds of ways.

Besides sending nutrients to each other, trees use the same networks to talk. This can take on many different forms and help trees look after or defend themselves. Trees will often send signals and warnings to one another about the disease or drought.

I honor that the trees also communicate, directly, with us. It comes from the foundational belief that we are a part of, rather than separate from, the web of nature. All it takes is that we are open to listen and hear them.

From roots to crown, each tree being has so much to offer, especially if we explore listening with all of our senses. All you need is stillness, a few un-scheduled moments, the openness to listen and the interest to see what you notice (hear!)

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